The song is ended, but the melody lingers on

Irving Berlin

My aim is to help you create a service of farewell that is personal and meaningful – a service that reflects what made your loved-one unique, individual, and so very special to you. I am professionally trained, which has given me considerable experience working with families and Funeral Directors as well as an understanding of the processes of grief.

I just wanted to send my gratitude and thanks for your services at my dad’s service.

I hope you go from strength to strength as people who can connect and have empathy for others will always be needed in your chosen career”

Initial Contact and Meeting

There are a number of ways in which I am contacted to conduct a Funeral or Celebration of Life. This may be direct, through a Funeral Director, or from a pre-planned funeral service. I will arrange a meeting which will be open to all close friends and family to attend. And over a cup of tea, I will guide you through a series of gentle questions to get to know your loved one. To get a sense of who they were, what they loved and to hear as many lovely memories as possible. All this will help be build out a service which will reflect them in every way

Service Content

I will collate all the memories and information I have about your loved one into a service. I will tell your loved one’s story, including any music they loved, poetry, readings, visual tributes, and any other ways to ensure the service is personal. There are often other members of the family or friends who may wish to speak, so I will usually make sure they are prepared, helping with any writing. Once the service is finalized, I will liaise with the Funeral Directors and Crematorium or Cemetry to ensure all final details are shared ahead of the day.

On The Day

On the day I usually drop a message of support, I know this will be an extremely hard day, so I will be on hand to offer any support. I will usually arrive around 15 Minutes before the service is due to arrive, to greet you and offer some last words of support. Usually, I will lead in alongside the Funeral Director, with your loved one following with the pallbearers, then you and your close loved ones, and then finally all other family and friends. I will then lead the service. Taking you through the story of their life, helping any speakers, and handing out any needed tissues. I usually present a copy of the service for you to read at a later date.

Thank you for making such a hard day a lovely memory

Pre-Planned Funeral Services

Through experience, both professionally and personally, I know how hard it is for people to make decisions about what their loved ones would have wanted. Usually down to the pain of loss, but also in many circumstances, their loved ones never made it very clear their wishes for their service. And sometimes when there are no plans for a funeral ceremony, loved ones may have to guess what their wishes might be, and this can cause confusion and additional worry, sometimes even disagreement.

I can offer a pre-planning service allows people to discuss their funeral wishes with a in advance and know that these have been recorded.

I talk to them about the type of funeral or memorial service they would like to have, who you would like to be involved, what music should be played, which poems or text should be included, and whether they would like anyone to contribute a tribute or a reading. I can advise on many practical matters and suggest ways in which to make the ceremony unique and meaningful.

The fee charged will reflect the level of service you require: an enquiry (free of charge); consultation only; script writing; a full ceremony delivery.

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