Weddings and Vow Renewals

Weddings & Vow Renewals

Every heart sings a song, incomplete until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.



From £575

From Traditional and Romantic, to Wacky and Themed, I will create a wedding Ceremony that honors you as a couple

The beauty of a Wedding ceremony led by me, is that there is complete versatility in the style, length and setting of your Ceremony. I work closely with couples to ensure it is exactly as you want. This is your opportunity to tell your very special love story, interwoven with special memories, poems and speeches that are read either by myself or close friends or family members.

Your Wedding ceremony can take place inside or outside a venue; for example, it can take place on a beach, in a museum, in a stately home or in mum and dad’s back garden. It can be as formal or relaxed as you want and all the special people will still be there, including the Best Man, bridesmaids and ring bearers. You can exchange Wedding rings and Wedding vows that have written specially for each other. There are no standard vows in my ceremonies, only words spoken from your heart to your partners

The majority of ceremonies conducted by me are non-religious but can contain religious elements and can also include traditional and cultural customs such as hand-fasting etc. My ceremonies are usually very relaxed and special because of its personalised touches and its bespoke style. I make sure to spend plenty of time with the happy couple before your Wedding Day, helping you to plan the Wedding of your dreams, so it is not surprising that often a special and lasting friendship develops too.

Kelley is professional, supportive and more importantly kind, fun and a joy to have had her officiating our wedding.

Lina & Philip

Vow Renewals

From £500

Because one ceremony was not enough to display just how much love you have for each other

A Vow Renewal is a ceremony in which two people reaffirm their commitment to each other through a ceremony or service. This ceremony can be conducted anywhere in the whole world, and it does not have to be held in a registered or religious building/area, like a lot of Weddings. Usually, a lot of people renew their vows to show their commitment to each other throughout the years of being married, and usually these ceremonies are often conducted in intervals i.e., after 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, 25 years or 50 years. A lot of people find it reassuring and usually they will find that their love grows more and more each day, which is why they want to celebrate their love. 

As for the structure of the ceremony, Vow Renewals are usually very similar to Weddings in terms of timings, style and how the day is planned out. Usually, a Vow Renewal will consist of a couple, a Vow Renewal Celebrant & their guests. Of course, you can also have an intimate ceremony and not include any guests if you choose too. There are also several types of Vow Renewal Traditions which you and your partner can choose from; for example, handfasting (which is a tradition in which two people tie their hands with a ribbon), a religious ceremony, a non-religious ceremony, relationship repair ceremony, a group vow renewal ceremony (a number of couples renew their vows) & a standard vow renewal ceremony between two people. 

There are no real legalities when it comes to Vow Renewal Ceremonies, unlike a Wedding of course, which is a legally binding ceremony. A Vow Renewal can be as bespoke and personal as you wish, you will be able to include poems, gifts, writings, music and more!

Our first Ceremony was wonderful, and hard to beat in terms of perfection, but Kelley managed to tell our families story so perfectly it was as if she had been there all along. There wasn’t a dry eye in the hall, from emotion or laughter. Truly memorable and thankful for such a gift we got to share with all those we love…..again

Rebecca and Paul

Unity Ceremonies

I can include a unity ceremony within all of my ceremonies and are usually included within the cost of the ceremony you choose. Below are some ideas to personalise your ceremony

A unity ceremony is a tradition that can be one of the most beautiful parts of the overall ceremony because it’s a visual symbol of two lives coming together as one. Over the years, it’s also become one of the best ways for a couple to personalise their wedding. From lighting a taper candle to creating a cocktail, couples are finding sweet and sentimental ways to make the unity ceremony their own, which is why I love adding these moments

Including a Unity ceremonies provides one of the few moments on your wedding day to slow down, pause, and reflect on the promises you’ve made to each other, there are truly creative unity ceremony ideas, so here are some of my favorites to help you pick the one that speaks to you!

Make A Unity Ceremony Sandwich

This one is one of the cutest, most lighthearted unity ceremonies that we have ever seen. Choose your favorite sandwich, prepare both slices of bread, and bring the sandwich together as a sweet—and tasty—metaphor for your new marriage, also a great way to get younger kids involved

Light A Unity Candle

This is by far the most traditional unity ceremony option, so it’s perfect for couples who want something a bit more classic. Before the ceremony, three candles are placed on the altar: two taper candles and one large candle—the “unity candle”—in the middle. At the beginning of the ceremony, a member from each family–traditionally the mothers–lights one of the taper candles. After you exchange vows, each spouse uses one of the candles to light the unity candle at the same time. If either or both of you have children, you can even get the entire family involved. Just add extra taper candles for each child and invite them to join you as you light the unity candle.

Plant A Tree Together

Many couples are drawn to the symbolism found in nature, which makes a tree-planting ceremony such a great option–especially for outdoor weddings. Before the ceremony, a tree is placed in a large pot near the front of the space. During the ceremony, you each take turns adding soil and water to the pot. Then, when the wedding is over, you can take the tree home and plant it in your garden

We’ve even seen couples who get married in their own backyard plant the tree directly in the ground during the ceremony. This is a truly touching unity ceremony idea that will be a constant and ever-growing reminder of your commitment to each other.

Warm The Ring

In this unity ceremony, the couple’s wedding rings are placed either in a lovely box or sometimes tied together. The officiant gives them to the first person and asks them to take a moment, hold the rings in their hands– warming the rings up–and put their happy thoughts, well wishes, or prayers for the couple silently into the rings. They then pass them on to the next guest and the rings make their way around to all guests before coming back to the officiant where the couple will then place the rings on each other’s finger.

This works really well with intimate or micro weddings but can be done at larger weddings as well. It brings extra loving, positive energy to the ceremony and is a wonderful way to include all of your guests in that special moment of your special day.

Seal An Anniversary Box

This super sweet unity ceremony idea also serves as an anniversary surprise. Have a custom box made with your names and your wedding date, and place it on a table along with handwritten love letters and a bottle of wine. If you plan to wait for your five or ten-year anniversary, ask an expert to help you pick a wine that will age nicely.

During the unity ceremony, you will both place the love letters and the bottle of wine in the box and seal it shut–either with a hammer and nails or a lock. During the ceremony, you can have the officiant explain the significance of the wine you chose and the anniversary you plan to open it. When that date rolls around, enjoy a trip down memory lane as you enjoy a glass of wine, read your love letters, and remember your magical wedding day!”

Pour Sand For Your Unity Ceremony

This is another oldie-but-goodie that continues to evolve as couples find modern ways to make it their own. The most common sand pouring ceremony involves two jars of sand that you both pour into a single glass. If you want to create a statement art piece for your home, you can use two different colors and layer them or create a unique design inside the jar. We’ve also seen clear frames in which you place a photo of yourselves and pour the sand into the background space.

If you have children, you can also use multiple jars of sand–labeled with each person’s name–to pour into the collective jar. You can then display the jar in your home as a reminder of your new, unified family.

Create A Cocktail

This might be our current favorite unity ceremony idea because it combines the sentimentality of tradition with a fun—and delicious—modern twist. If you are beer lovers, pour two different but complementary beers–usually a light and a dark–into a glass and enjoy your first brew as husband and wife. If liquor is your thing, gather up single servings of your favorite ingredients, shake them up, and enjoy your custom creation. We recommend choosing a simple cocktail, such as a single mixer and liquor so that you can pour it together effortlessly.


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