How to get married for £57

As above, a small ceremony can cost just £46 for the ceremony and £11 for the certificate. This is based on Hertfordshire County Council.. But most Councils offer the same type of service

There is a little-known way of getting legally married, and it will set you back a small sum, probably cheaper than a round on the hen do.

As this is the route to not only saving you money on the legalities, but it means that you can have the service of your dreams led by a Celebrant…. Well like me…

By combining the basic legal marriage offered by the Registrar with a celebrant led ceremony later enables you to get the best of both worlds. It will give you flexibility and will ultimately allow you to have the wedding you had hoped for. The “no frills’ 2+2 wedding ceremonies are the most basic form of ceremony offered by the registration services.

In these uncertain times combining it with a celebrant led ceremony could well be the most effective plan to getting the wedding of your dreams.

So, what is it?

A “2+2” ceremony or “basic” ceremony is short and only includes the legal elements needed to perform a marriage. The only people to attend will be you both and your two witnesses and the registrars. It is the cheapest and shortest option available.

It only includes a declaration, contracting words and an optional ring vow, chosen from a short standard selection and is available at selected registry offices.  It will take place in a small private office. 

Another bonus for doing the legals this way is the freedom to then use an Unlicensed wedding venue.

By having the 2+2 ceremony you have opened your options further.  You won’t have to think about a licensed or approved venue where the demand for weddings will be highest.  You can have your ceremony anywhere you wish.

A celebrant led ceremony really can be held anywhere.  In your garden, in a field, in an unlicensed part of an approved venue, in a Wood on a Beach.  Anywhere.  There may be somewhere you have always thought would be the most perfect place for a wedding or a place with a special meaning to you.

Be imaginative, within reason anything is possible and allow your creative juices to flow and create a new vision for your day.

It’s the vows that you make in front of your friends and family that are important.   The wedding ceremony is the essence of your whole wedding day and around which everything else is planned.

Your celebrant led ceremony will be so personal and unique that nobody will notice or care whether you are legally married or not.  The focus will be on you both, your relationship, your friendships, your story and love.  It will be a real celebration of your marriage.